Career Success Secret – Manage Your Boss Creatively

by samson

Effectively managing your boss is the secret to career success.


The reason is pretty simple. Your boss can make or ruin your career irrespective of where you work.

Bosses are very powerful. Your boss is the one that will tell the company about your level of performance.

The performance appraisal system or performance development review (PDR) is a formal means by which organizations access the level of performance of employees.

Poor performing employees are eventually shown the way out.

Who assesses your performance?

Your boss.

Who tells the company that you are a good employee, a great employee, an indispensable employee, or a terrible worker?

Your boss.

If before now you think your boss is just an employee like you . . . it’s time to rethink.

Yes, your boss is just an employee of the organization like you. But he is accountable for telling the company about your level of performance.

The truth is . . . your boss’ perception about you goes a long way to determine the way he will rate your performance.

So, if you desire career success, then you must effectively manage your boss such that he perceives you as an asset to the organization. The PDR announcing your sterling performance will be resident with HR. Your ‘potentials assessment’ will also be resident in HR.

If your boss has assessed you as being a genius, then HR and the business has no choice but to accept it as so . . . unless there are sound reasons to believe otherwise.

But it all starts with managing your boss effectively.

Go and read the book, “managing your boss’. It will provide you some helpful insights to take your relationship with your boss to the next level.

As your relationship with your boss grows, so will your career.

A word of caution: Match that relationship with target achievement.

If you don't achieve your targets, there's little your boss can do to help you grow your career and climb the corporate ladder.

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