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Self Employment Guide - This guide provides solid self employment advice to help you muster the courage to become self employed and generate unlimited income for yourself and your family.

This self employment guide is dedicated to helping people like you become employers of labour and therefore help you contribute to the growth and prosperity of the community where you live by providing jobs and livelihood for people within your community.

Wait. What is the value of being self employed?

Why be on your own when you can be in paid employment where 'everything' is taken care of for you?

The reason is simple. There are huge advantages associated with being self employed. And this self employment guide helps you appreciate these advantages. It goes further to show you how you too can become self employed.

So, what are the advantages of self employment? And how can this self employment guide help you benefit from these advantages?

Let's deal with the first question . . . the advantages of being an independent business person.

One of the key advantages of having a business of your own is that you become independent unlike your friends in paid employment who have no choice but to do the bidings of their, sometimes, ruthless bosses. In addition, unlike your friends in paid employment, you do not constantly worry whether you have impressed the boss enough to retain your job.

If you have a business of your own, you are an independent business person and you are truly independent because you have complete control of your time and your life.

When you are the owner of the business and the overall boss, nobody tells you what to do. Nobody tells you to work late because top management failed to make a decision much earlier in the day when they should have. Nobody tells you when to go on vacation and nobody can stop your vacation because they feel "the time is not right".

No doubt, you will like to be in-charge of your time and your life. Don't worry, this self employment guide will show you how.

A second advantage of having a business of your own is that you are not stuck with a meagre salary, hoping to receive paltry salary increases year on year.

Instead, you get a fabulous mouth-watering remuneration as the CEO and you get a share of the company's profits year on year. And as the company grows and turnover and profits become 9 digits and above, your share of the company's profits also grow astronomically.


Guess what.

There is nothing like being self employed! And this self employment guide has all the tips and techniques to help you become just that.

Here's another advantage of being an independent business person.

When you are not in paid employment and you have a business that employs people, you become an employer of labour. Therefore you add value to the community where you live and do business instead of being a burden.

Think about it.

What happens to people without a job, people who are unemployed?

Well, the industrious ones who really want to work go ahead and passionately search for jobs to cater for their family needs. As the months roll by without any job in sight, they may become desperate or depressed and then may turn violent.

You probably would have noticed that everywhere there is high unemployment rate, there is also high crime rate because people tend to become angry and violent when they are not gainfully unemployed or when they are so poorly paid that it's difficult to make ends meet.

So, when you own a business and employ people, you provide them a means of livelihood and you take them off the streets.

Consequently, you help reduce the crime rate in your community and even put smiles on the faces of the family members of your employees.

There is no doubt about it. Being an independent business person is exciting and exhilarating. I know because I too I'm an independent business person with a business of my own.

Some people will tell you that having a business of your own is tough work. Of course, it is. That is why few people will attempt to start a business of their own. And that is why starting a business of your own instead of being an employee is also very profitable.

Remember, "the tougher the challenge, the bigger the reward".

This self employment guide is committed to showing you practical strategies that will help you become self employed and free.

This self employment guide provides sound advice on . . .

  • Self employment opportunities
  • Internet job opportunities
  • Internet business opportunities
  • Self publishing opportunities
  • Distributorship opportunities
  • Affiliate program opportunities
  • Manufacturing opportunities
  • Service businesses

    . . . and many more.

    This self employment guide is the bomb!

    Thinking of being self employed?

    Don't look any further. This self employment guide provides all the guidance and support you need to succeed as an independent business person. Use the links above.

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    P.P.S: Post or find job opportunities by country, profession, or industry.

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