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This is the premium Jobs in Nigeria portal . . . the world's number 1 home for jobs in Nigeria.

It is host to thousands of job opportunities . . . Nigeria jobs . . . posted by Nigerian employers.

It is also host to thousands of Nigerian resumes posted by Nigerians who are secondary school leavers, university graduates, phD holders, medical doctors, and thousands of other specialists in best of breed disciplines.

This Nigeria jobs directory features lucrative employment opportunities for Nigerians and residents of Nigeria. It doesn't matter who you are, the language you speak, the colour of your skin, or even the part of Nigeria where you live . . . there is a job opportunity here just for you.

Wait. How does it work?

There are two categories of people who use this jobs in nigeria portal.

1. Employers searching for the right calibre of employees to work for them and

2. Qualified candidates seeking employers of choice to work forThis site connects these two categories of people . . . Nigerian employers posting Nigeria jobs and the job seeker.


Nigerian employers post new job openings in this jobs in Nigeria directory. And they post hundreds of jobs daily from all over Nigeria.

The truth is . . . there are thousands of companies in Nigeria offering one kind of service or another. And these companies are dispersed all over the country. And guess what?

They are searching for you! These employers want you!

True, Nigeria jobs offered by Nigerian companies (or foreign companies based in Nigeria) are mostly concentrated in the big cities. But hundreds of companies are also situated in rural communities where they get much needed raw materials for their industrial production.

So, whether you live in Lagos Nigeria, Port-Harcourt Nigeria, Benin City, Ibadan, Ilorin, Kano, Kaduna Nigeria, or anywhere else in Nigeria, there is a job for you.

Yes, this jobs in Nigeria directory pulls together all the Nigeria jobs available in the country, and puts them at your finger tips . . . right here on this web site.

This gives you the luxury to compare jobs and choose the job just right for you.

Bottom line.

The Nigerian employer seeking skilled or unskilled labour, will post his job opennings here in this Nigeria jobs directory. And he does so free of charge. So, he does so gladly.

On the other hand, people seeking employment in Nigeria visit this job directory and search for new job listings. In a matter of minutes, they find the job of their dreams.

That is what is called a win-win situation.

The employer wins. And so does the job seeker.

Are you an employer or a company owner in Nigeria? Do you need skilled or unskilled labour?

Simply post your job listings in the appropriate section using the links below. The right candidates will find your listings and contact you.


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Distributors Wanted - Nigeria

A U.S. based company that recently launched its operations in Nigeria has vacancy for distributors in the 36 states of Nigeria and the federal capital territory.

Click HERE To Apply

Nigeria Nanny Jobs Database features a Nigeria nanny jobs database where people all over Nigeria looking for nannies or babysitters can post job openings free.

Visit the Nigeria nanny jobs database to post nanny job vacancies in Nigeria or to find nanny jobs in Nigeria and apply.

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