Career Success Secret – Play By The Rules!

The secret to a successful career in any organization . . . profit or non-profit . . . is to play by the rules of the organization.

Every organization has its rules . . . a set of guidelines, principles, or values held by the organization.

The leaders of the organization pride themselves in their heritage. And they frown at employees who refuse to obey the rules.

Want to have a successful career?

Then play by the rules of the organization where you work.

Learn the company’s culture. Understand the fine print. And creatively use it to the advantage of your job and your career.

Need to change something? Think the organization is archaic and old-fashioned?

There is a smart way to drive your point home and gradually invoke change.

However, you won’t accomplish anything by blatantly disregarding laid down rules and regulations.

Use the rules of engagement to change the way work is done in your organization.

Be smart. Be creative. Be innovative. Negotiate your way to success.

But . . . don’t break the rules!

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