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Civil service jobs - Database of civil service job vacancies from government agencies all around the world.

This civil service employment opportunity database is a free job opportunity database where government agencies and employment agencies engaged by the government can post available civil service employment opportunities free.

So, are there job vacancies in your government agency or establishment?

Simply post them free here using this free job listing service.

The purpose of this job opportunity database for government jobs is to provide a simple and effective way to organize civil service jobs and make these civil service job vacancies easily accessible to job seekers who desperately need these civil service employment.

As you are aware, there are three levels of authority or governance in every well-organized and well-structured country.

1. The federal government

2. The state government and

3. The local government

These three tiers of government operate fairly independently in a true federal structure.

For example, in a true federalism, state governments have authority to make laws and enforce those laws.

There is state police, state owned and managed independent power generation and distribution, state water supply, state traffic management authority, state waste disposal agency, state tax authorities . . . the list goes on and on.

Federal laws override state laws where there is a conflict between a state and federal law. And states contribute a percentage of their income to the federal account.

The federal government have the responsibility to ensure cohesion of the states into one country unit and use the resources at its disposal to grow the country's economy and meet the expectations of its people.

The local government is that arm of the government that is closest to the people. And the people expect it to perform.

Each state government or state governor provide oversight functions for the local goverments within the state.

Wait. Why this explanation? Why don't we just talk about the jobs right away?

Well, the above is an overview to help you understand how this section of this global job site is structured.

This employment website recognizes that there are three tiers of government in most countries and each tier has civil service jobs for folks aspiring to secure government jobs.

Consequently, this job listing service provides government agencies an opportunity to list jobs according to the tier of government they belong.

Hence, civil service job vacancies in this civil service jobs database are in three distinct directories or databases . . . each devoted to a particular arm of the civil service.

We have the following civil service employment databases:

1. Federal government jobs database

2. State government jobs database and

3. Local government jobs database

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