Employment Guide Newsletter August 2011 Edition – New Job Vacancies

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Welcome to the Employment Guide Newsletter for August 2011, the job opportunity and career success guide newsletter.

See the table of contents below for information available in this edition of the newsletter.


1. New Job Vacancies

2. Real Estate School

3. Vacancy For Distributors

4. Regular Updates Via Facebook

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1. New Job Vacancies

We have five (5) job vacancies in a large format printing and book publishing company in Amuwo Odofin Lagos Nigeria.

Visit the link below to see the job vacancies and apply . . . or get your friends and relatives to apply.

Click here for the job vacancies

2. Real Estate School

The ZY Real Estate School in Lagos Nigeria offers courses on . . .

a) Basic And Advanced Real Estate Practitioners Course and

b) Real Estate Investing Courses

If you wish to start your own real estate business and become self employed, then attend this school for pracical real estate training.

You can also attend this Nigeria real estate school if you're thinking of investing in Nigeria property.

Click HERE For details about programs offered by the Nigeria real estate school

3. Vacancy For Distributors

A new network marketing company that is set to launch its operations in Nigeria within the next 60 days is recruiting distributors to take top positions in Nigeria.

Click HERE to see details

4. How To Get Regular Job Vacancy Updates Via Facebook

You can get a list of new job vacancies available immediately you log into your facebook account by following the procedure below.

Step 1:

Click the Facebook LIKE button (the thumbs up button) on top of the navigation bar to your left.

Add a comment (if a box appears for comment).

You can say, "Hi friends. Visit this job website and click the LIKE button to get regular job updates".

You will then see the facebook login page.

Simply log into your Facebook account so that the system can automatically send you new job vacancies as they appear on this site.

What next?

Step 2:

Confirm that the comment you just typed in the comment box (that appeared when you clicked the Facebook LIKe button) appeared on your facebook wall.

If it did, then you're done. Just sit back and wait for new job alerts from this job opportunity website.

If it didn't, repeat the process again.

Just click the LIKE button on top of the navigation bar to your left again and ensure the comment you post appear on your facebook wall.

This way, you won't miss any job vacancies available . . . especially the ones important to you or your friends and family.


Ensure the comment you type when you click the facebook LIKE button appears on your facebook wall. If it does not, you won't receive job alerts when new job

vacancies become available on this employment website.

Best regards,

Samson Itoje

Job Opportunity And Career Consultant

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