Guidelines For Posting Resumes - How To Post Resumes

Uploading or posting your resume in this employment web site and resume bank is pretty simple. It takes less than five minutes to complete.

Simply follow the steps below.

Step 1: Create Your Resume In A Word Processing File

The very first thing to do is to type your resume into a word processing file like Microsoft Word.

Do a spell check when you finish typing to ensure there are no errors. Correct any errors detected by the word processing program.

Step 2: Read The Resume You Just Created

Does your resume follow a logical pattern? Is it professionally written?

Imagine that you are an employer reading this resume.

Does it make your stomach turn? Or does it strike you that this is the right man for the job?

It is important to read and re-read your resume for two reasons.

First, your word processing program may not detect all the errors in your document. Afterall, it is only a software. If you read and re-read your resume document, you can pick out and correct any errors missed by the word processing program you used to create it.

Second, we post your resume exactly the way you typed it. And if there are so many errors in your resume, we delete it. We publish only high quality resume. That is why we are the number one choice for resume publishing on the net.

Step 3: Write An Appropriate Title

The title you choose for your resume will become the URL or web site address for your resume.

Note that we give your resume a dedicated page on this web site. And the title you choose for your resume will become the internet address of your resume.

What is the importance of this title and web address?

Well, when employers search for resumes for job vacancies, they use terms related to the job opportunity available. So, if your resume title correctly identifies your specialization, then more targetted employers will find you. And you will get more interview invitations.

More interview invitations translate to better job offers and finally . . . a lucrative job you can be proud of.

Here's an example of an optimized resume title.

Suppose your name is "Frank Williams" and you are a mechanical engineer with specialization in refrigeration. You can use the following resume title to clearly distinguish your specialization and your person.

"Frank Williams Bsc Mechanical Engineering With Specialization In Refrigeration Boston United States of America"

In simple words, your resume title should include your . . .

  • name
  • highest qualification
  • specialization
  • state and
  • country

    Including all of the above in your title will guarantee that employers looking for you will find you using any of the above search criteria.

    Another thing to remember.

    DO NOT use all CAPS in your title. Capitalize only the first letter of each word in your title (see example above). And DO NOT use all caps in the body of your resume. Resumes written with all caps letters will be deleted.

    Step 4: Post Your Title and Resume

    The final step is to post your title and resume in the appropriate resume form on the resume bank page.

    Post the title you crafted above in the title field on the resume posting form.

    Then copy your type written resume from your word processing file into the description section of the resume form.

    Then click the "Upload My Resume" button in the form.

    There you have it . . . the four simple steps to post your resume in the world's number 1 resume bank.


    We have moved the Free Resume database to a new platform so job seekers who want to post the resume or CV can create and manage their account themselves.

    With this new platform, you can make posts and modify your posts any time. And there is no limit to the number of times you can make posts.

    Guess what.

    You can also interact with other site members, send private messages, send friend invites and build a social network that will ultimately grow your income.

    Best of all, it's completely free.

    Follow the steps below to post your resume in the new free resume database:

    Step 1: Create a FREE account

    Step 2: Click the account activation link sent to your email

    Step 3: Return to the site and post your resume in the free resume database

    Register FREE and Post Your Resume

    To find jobs in the new database, just browse the job database (or job bank.

    P.S: Want your resume page to be popular so that employers can't miss it? Then advertise it everywhere you go online. Link to your resume page from your favorite forum. Tweet about your resume in And share the link to your resume page with your friends in facebook. The more links to your resume page the more popular it gets and the quicker employers will find you.

    P.P.S: I will say it again. Post your resume and market it online. Link to it from all possible sources. This is your ticket to the good life.

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