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Hot jobs bank. This is the premium hot job database.

This entire site is a job opportunity site with monster jobs from giant companies. This employment website features employment listings and lucrative job openings from every country of the world.

In simple words . . . this is an international jobs database.

Do you want USA jobs (or hot US jobs)? We have an American job bank that caters for candidates seeking USA jobs.

Do you want jobs in Africa? Or jobs in Nigeria? or Jobs in South Africa?

There is a job bank in this global employment opportunity bank that caters for Africa as a whole and for specific countries in Africa.

But suppose you want hot jobs in far away places like Australia? What about hot jobs in lucrative countries like Canada?

No problem. There are job banks in this global job opportunity site that caters for each of those countries.

Click HERE to view jobs by country and visit the job bank or job database for the specific country you wish to explore.

Click HERE to view job opportunities by discipline.

Wait. What is a hot lucrative job? What are monster jobs?

People's definition of a job that is hot differ from location to location. However, there is a basic underlying fact to these definitions, wherever they may come from. And that common thread that runs through all such definitions has to do with the pay and the conditions of service.

Here is my definition of a job that is hot . . . a monster job.

A hot job is a lucrative job with remuneration package that caters for the employee's every need four times over.

What are the everyday needs of employees?

Employees like everyone else need . . .

  • A good home to live
  • Money to pay for good schools for their kids
  • Money to buy good quality clothes, which may be moderately expensive
  • At least a sound family car
  • Good retirement package
  • Good severance package (in cases where this may happen)
  • Good pension plan
  • Great insurance cover
  • Mortgage facilities to facilitate employee home ownership
  • Vacation opportunities and cover

    . . . and a few other stuff you may think of.

    If you find a job that can pay for the above four times over, then you have found a hot lucrative job.

    The truth is . . . most job offers cannot cater for all the needs of the individual employee. And paying for all those needs four times over is an over-kill for most businesses.

    Besides, jobs that can cater for the entire list mentioned above plus extras, and do that four times over, can only be offered by conglomerates . . . blue chip corporations. And they offer such fat remuneration packages to executives . . . not lower level jobs like routine non-management jobs.

    What should you do if you don't qualify for those kind of jobs?

    Search for jobs that match your current skills. Then work smart to acquire new skills . . . skills that will grow your earning potential and your capacity to meet your family obligations.

    Build your reputation and income over time by being open to new stuff, new methods, and new ways to getting the job done faster and more efficiently. The more you can get done per unit time, the more you earn.

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