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Job application forms used by many employers tend to be long and winding. And the reason is simple.

Employers use the employment application forms submitted by candidates to dig down for information so they can better understand who the individual candidates are and their skill set and experience.

In simple words . . . it's a good thing when employers try to know the abilities of each candidate because when they do, the selection process becomes a lot less plagued with ambiguity.

That means you will get the job if you qualify to get it because the assessment process will be free of biase.

This is actually good news for you the candidate who is well prepared and adequately qualified for the job. It also implies that you should not bother applying for a job if you do not qualify.

However, long and carefully crafted job application forms do not translate to fair employee selection process in an organization. And the reason is obvious.

The employment application forms will be administered by humans and the shortlisting of candidates who filled the employment application forms of the company will also be done by humans. If these people handling these assignments in the organization are biased or have vested interest in some of the applicants, it will be difficult to be fair.

Nepotism will then set in. At that point, the length or quality of the application form will make no difference to the result because the result is biased towards some candidates.

My Recommendation?

Prepare for every job offer that you qualify for. Fill the job application forms with care and highlight your accomplishments.

Don't be shy to announce breakthroughs you achieved in your working career or your previous employment. It's not pride or arrogance. It's proof that you are qualified for the job you applied for and that you could possibly be the most qualified for the job.

Employers are excited by candidates who have solid experience and who have a track record of uncommon achievements in previous employment. And sometimes, this could be the deciding factor in choosing the most qualified candidate for the job.

So present yourself in a positive light but accurately. Present what you're really worth on the table before your potential employers. It could the deciding factor that push the job your way.

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