Job Vacancy For Teachers for Afghanistan

Teaching classes for grades (or step) 1-3 (equivalent to the Ministry of Education MOE Grades 1-3) to teach ANA and ANP soldiers who cannot read and write to do the minimum.

Grade/Step 1 is 64 hours of instruction, Step 2 is 128 hours and Step 3 is 120 hours. All together each course (steps 1 till 3) will take 9 months.

The classes will be throughout Afghanistan and we need to hire the teachers to teach in Dari and Pashtu.

CV of at least 15 Master Instructors. Their qualifications must be:

a.Master Instructors shall have at least an undergraduate degree by Afghan MoE standards

b.Master Instructors shall have five years of teaching experience.

c.Master Instructors shall be MoE certified in Literacy Methodic Seminar

2.We need a copy of their Certification of MOE Literacy Methodic Seminar for each of them.

Tel: + 1 302 504 4584

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