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Jobs in marketing are usually lucrative jobs. This marketing employment guide is designed to show you how to turbo charge your marketing career and get maximum career growth.

Let's start with the obvious question: "Why do I say jobs in marketing tend to be lucrative jobs?"

The reason is simple. The folks in the marketing team decide the direction of the business because a business with poor marketing strategy is bound to fail. So, senior executives who know their stuff tend to align with the marketing team when it comes to brand strategy.

In simple words . . . a marketing employment, a marketing job opportunity is a ticket to the good life.

Can you imagine what it's like to be part of a team that is recognized and highly valued?

It's exhilarating.

This is not to say jobs in marketing are easier to manage than jobs in say, manufacturing or operations. No, that's not the point.

The point is this . . . if you belong to a team that define the direction of the business like marketing, it means you have the platform for uninhibited growth if you position yourself in such a way that you merit career growth.

So, what's the secret to a successful marketing career? How do you turbo charge your marketing career and become a respected authority in your team?

Free Tips To Grow Your Marketing Career

Take the following marketing career growth guidelines seriously if you want to become an authority in marketing and a valued member of a winning marketing team.

This is serious stuff. Remember that jobs in marketing or marketing employment are not for the faint at heart.

1. Know your territory

Your territory may be a small town or an entire country. Whatever the size of your territory, know the territory and how one city connects to others and the impact of that on your marketing and distribution campaign.

The truth is . . . you cannot change something or improve upon it if you do not know what makes it work and why it breaks or fail when it does.

The interconnectivity between states, local governments, or municipal authorities may hold the key to a marketing campaign that can win you an award. But you will never know if you don't know your territory.

2. Know Your Market

Who are the key players in your market? What are they doing or planning to do next?

Is your company a market leader? If not, what makes the market leader the market leader?

If your company is the market leader in your market, are you gradually losing market share to a small but aggressive company?

What is the demographics of your customers? What are their spending habits? What are their emotional hot buttons?

3. Subscribe To Marketing Journals - Read, Read, Read!

Subscribing to marketing journals is a must if you want to make a success of your marketing career. As a valued member of the marketing team of your organization, you need to understand what is happening around you . . . in your market segment and the world at large . . . to be able to deploy global initiatives to capture your local market.

Sadly, some subcribe to local and international marketing journals but fail to read. Their offices are filled with pile upon pile of marketing journals but they don't read them.

Let me be upfront with you. If you do not wish to be left behind, you must read, read, and read!

4. Know Your Product

Have you heard of people in the marketing team who don't know the products they market inside out?

I have heard of them and actually seen them. These folks are brand managers of big brands and yet they do not know what's new about what they market or even the manufacturing process.

When there are issues in the market, they blame the operations team. That kind of blame culture won't take you far.

Want to be a great marketing executive and a valued marketer?

Know your product inside out.

5. Know The Sales Cycle And What Drives It

Let me be frank with you . . . jobs in marketing are lucrative. I said that before and I am saying it again.

However, when you are fortunate to have marketing employment, you must come to terms with reality.

Senior management will not smile at you if stocks are rising and you're doing 'armchair marketing'.

The business wants to make sales and the guys with jobs in marketing are the ones to come up with promotions to boost sales.

So, if you're sitting pretty in your office and stocks are piling or your business if losing clients or unable to sign-up new clients, your sweet marketing job is in danger . . . your marketing career with the company is about to come to an end.

The least you can do is know the sales cycle and what drives it. And then do something to make it turn in your favour.

6. Speak With Authority

You will speak with authority if you have the facts.

That is so true. But then again, there are marketers who have the knowledge and the facts but cannot muster the courage to speak with boldness and authority. If you're that kind of person, you're risking your lucrative jobs in marketing.

Stand up my friend and speak with authority!

I pray you take the above seriously and turbo charge your marketing career. It could make the difference between a fat or lean bank account.

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