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Psychology career advice - This psychology advice database provides some helpful tips for folks who want to pursue a career in psychology.

You are here because you likely fall into one of two classes of people:

1. Psychology career is dear to your heart and this is what you dream of day in day out. So you have made up your mind to pursue a career in this discipline or

2. You fancy a career in psychology but you're not sure what direction this career will take you

This psychology database will provide some insights that may help you strengthen your resolve to pursue a career in psychology or help you re-assess your priorities to determine if a psychology career is the best thing for you.

To understand where you are headed with a psychology career, the first question is, "what is psychology?"

When you understand what psychology is all about, you will understand the path this discipline will take you and then you can ask yourself whether that is the direction you want your life to go. Thereafter you can make a decision based on concrete information.

So, what is psychology?

Psychology is a field devoted to the scientific study of human behaviour as well as the mental functions responsible for those behaviour.

Consequently, a psychologist is concerned about human emotions and how they impact behaviours. The psychologist explores the role of perception, cognition, training, upbringing, childhood experiences, and more, in an attempt to explain human behaviour.

Some of the subjects or topics you will cover in your study of psychology will include:

  • Cognitive science
  • Developmental psychology
  • Social psychology
  • Biological psychology
  • Abnormality psychology
  • Family psychology
  • Personality and behaviour analysis
  • Judgment and decision making
  • Environmental psychology
  • Sensation and perception

    . . . and many more.

    In simple words . . . psychology career will teach you how to analyze human behaviour, identify the reasons for the behaviour, and proffer solutions that will help people overcome their negative behaviour so that they become valuable members of the families and communities they belong.

    No doubt you will agree that this is a noble professional. As a psychologist, you actually help people reclaim their lives and take charge of their destiny.

    Tips To Succeed With Psychology

    What you need to succeed with a career in psychology is same as what you need to succeed with a career in any other discipline.

    First, you need to be focused. You're in school studying this course for a reason. And that reason is to graduate and practice as a psychologist who knows his onions . . . someone who is good at what she does and who is passionate about helping people overcome what holds them back and help them succeed. Don't lose sight of that goal.

    Second, you need to study hard. Go out of your comfort zone and really study hard. Don't be distracted by parties or the unserious behaviour of other students.

    Third, don't be shy to ask questions. Ask, ask, ask. As the Lord Jesus said, "keep seeking and you will find". So, don't be shy to ask questions no matter how stupid the question sounds.

    Fourth, attend all classes. Missing classes and then copying notes from those who attended is not the same as being there listening to lectures, taking notes your own style, and asking questions on areas you don't understand.

    Fifth, expound your mind. Read wide. Read ahead of your class.

    There is nothing like studying the course you love and become a professional in the discipline you're passionate about. If your first love is a psychology career, then go for it.

    You will get a kick from a career in psychology if it's your passion. If it's not your passion, then pursue that which is your passion.

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