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Self employment opportunities abound wherever you look. Some self employment opportunities (or self employment ideas that eventually become businesses), will generate a few hundred dollars per month while others that are high margin business opportunities will generate much more.

The purpose of this self employment ideas portal is to share with you these self employment business concepts so that you too can break free from your employer and become self employed.

Let's start.

Self employment or business opportunities fall into three broad categories:

1. Manufacturing businesses

2. Distributorship businesses and

3. Service Businesses

Irrespective of the self employment opportunities or self employment ideas you decide to invest in, you will find that they fall into one of the three categories mentioned above. Therefore it makes sense to evaluate these ideas to see how you can deplore them in your search for the self employment opportunities just right for you.

About manufacturing businesses.

A manufacturing business is a business that takes input materials and assembles them together in a pre-determined manner to create a new product. The pre-determined manner in which the inputs are assembled to create outputs is called the product recipe or blueprint.

Let's take an example to drive the point home. Suppose you decide to invest in the bakery business. Before you embark on the journey of baking bread to sell to consumers, you first need to decide what quantity of each ingredient you will add up together to make the bread.

The list showing the quantities of the different ingredients to add together to make the bread is called the bread recipe.

You cannot create anything of value to sell to consumers without first developing a recipe. In the case of bread baking you will need flour, sugar, water, and a few other ingredients. But that is not all.

You also need a production process. The production process is the sequence of production steps that the inputs will be taken through to make the final output. Different production or manufacturing processes result in different product type.

For example, if you decide to manufacture bread, you will need to specify . . .

  • The batch size
  • The quantity of flour per batch
  • The quantity of water per batch
  • The quantity of sugar per batch

  • . . . and the quantity of the other ingredients required per batch.

    That is the recipe. For the production process, you will need to specify . . .

  • The oven temperature
  • The duration of the mass in the oven
  • The size of mass per tray
  • The tray size
  • The tray shape

    . . . and every other process parameter that will affect the final taste, appearance, flavour and aroma of the finished product or output.

    However, there is one drawback or disadvantage of manufacturing businesses. They usually require high startup capital. So, if you intend to adopt this business opportunity among the self employment opportunities mentioned above, be ready to cough out big startup capital.

    Nevertheless, manufacturing businesses are high margin businesses. So if you do it right, you could be smiling to your bank right from the day you start the business.

    Are you thinking of adopting the manufacturing concept as your preferred self employment opportunity?


    You have nothing to worry about because I am a manufacturing expert and I am prepared to give you all the support you need to succeed with your business. I teach my clients simple and creative ways to reduce their startup capital and how they can creatively penetrate their target market with their products to significantly grow their profitability.

    Simply contact me for any help you need.

    About distributorship business self employment idea.

    Distributorship business is that kind of business that involves buying from manufacturers and shipping to wholesalers in the region the specific distributor covers.

    Distributorship businesses are lucrative because distributors work directly with product manufacturers. Hence, their margins are high. Besides, many multi-billion dollar companies reserve regions for distributors and limit the number of distributors per region. This means that distributors'market share is protected by the manufacturing companies they represent.

    Service businesses provide a service to customers and so get paid accordingly.

    Examples of service businesses include . . .

  • Laundry business
  • Web design business
  • Auto service business
  • Real estate business
  • Car hire business
  • Electronics repair business

    . . . and many more.

    What self employment opportunities should you adopt? What self employment ideas should you invest in?

    It depends on your knowledge, skill and experience.

    Start by doing a thorough self examination. Ask yourself these five questions.

    1. "What do I know that I can sell to customers?"

    2. "What am I passionate about? What do I wake up talking about everyday and that I devote my time and resources to?"

    3. "Who is my target market?"

    4. "What do people in my target market want?"

    5. "How do I package my knowledge and passion so that people in my target market will be willing and ready to pay for the service or product I offer?"

    The answers to the above questions will determine the direction you should invest in and how to promote your products or services.

    Need help?

    Simply contact me to discuss your self employment ideas and together we will work out a solution that will generate unlimited income for you.

    P.S: The book, "How To Build A One Billion Naira Business With Small Capital - The Secrets of The Rich Exposed!", explains in details the three business models discussed above. And it goes further to present strategies to grow your business to a billion Naira per annum business within a few short years. Click HERE to learn more.

    P.P.S: Job seekers . . . post your resume in the free resume database so employers who need your services can find you.

    P.P.P.S: Post or find job opportunities by country, profession, or industry.

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