System Technician Bresnan #3461 Location: Cody, WY


Basic Purpose:

Performs field technical work. Responsibilities include daily organization of service calls, customer relations, problem solving, and documentation of service issues and resolutions.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

The essential functions of this position include, but are not limited to the following:
Performs any and all duties of personnel in Service Technician and Installer descriptions.
• Resolves service problems for customers in homes, apartment buildings and commercial properties.
• Promotes Bresnan products and provides excellent customer service to every customer. May be required to meet sales goals.
• Sets trunk levels, sets-up and changes-out trunk amplifiers, calculates signal level losses in cable and equipment for trunk lines and distribution lines.
• Maintains system levels as specified in system operating instructions; calculates amplifier output; sets and replaces distribution and line extender amplifiers.
• Diagnoses and changes out power supplies and line amplifiers in the field as required.
• Performs underground and aerial construction duties, including, but not limited to, assisting in installation of all rigid and semi-rigid coaxial cable, including pole line construction within the overhead plant and all underground installations; installation of all vaults, pedestals, boxes or equipment used to house company equipment; locating of existing underground cables and use of a cable fault locator (TDR); removing from service or transferring from pole to pole all of the above.
• Uses and maintains construction equipment including, but not limited to, trenchers, compressors, jackhammers, boring equipment, cable plow and concrete saw.
• Properly uses, stores and maintains VOM, DMM, system sweep, bench sweep, return loss bridge, spectrum analyzer and waveform monitor.
• Guys, lashes, relashes, pulls and splices cable.
• Performs all work in a safe manner ensuring the safety of co-workers, customers, the general public, and the employee. All work is done in compliance with the National Electric Code, National Electrical Safety Code, and OSHA regulations.
• Assists in designing minor plant extensions or modifications.
• Installs electronics and makes power connections.
• Properly uses, stores and maintains all test equipment used in system.
• Conducts system tests such as signal/noise, signal/hum, summation sweep, chart recording, return loss bridge, including monthly, semi-annual and annual tests.
• Assumes full responsibility for troubleshooting and repair of the entire distribution and trunk system.
• Prepares estimates for construction projects, providing bill of materials.
• Ensures projects are completed, including monitoring contractor progress, up to and including processing of invoices from contractors to assure Company specifications are met.
• Assists and effects interface for required revisions to strand and design maps.
• Drives Company vehicles safely, complying with all traffic regulations.
• Manipulates connectors, fasteners and wire and uses hand tools.
• May be required to work standby duty, as assigned.
• Performs other duties, as required

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