The Workplace Challenge - The Value of Focus And Perseverance In Achieving Your Goals

by samson

One of the biggest challenge you will find in the workplace is that a lot of people do not have the interest of the business at heart. And some of these people could be your bosses whom you respect . . . people who should know better.

These folks like their ego stand in the way of doing what is right to move the business forward. They may use divide and rule to manage their subordinates or may create unnecessary obstacles that stand in the way of getting the job done just so they can demonstrate that they are in-charge or to prove to everyone that things won't
move unless they are around.

The end result is that a lot of people do jobs they don't like or work with people who piss them off . . . people who are short-sighted, naive, or outright stupid.

These group of people may get you so worked up and 'mad' that you pick your pen, write your resignation letter, and stick it in the faces.

Hey, wait. Think about it for a moment. Where will this anger lead you?

While getting angry and leaving the job may get you off the arena where these short-sighted folks operate, there is no guarantee that the next job you take won't be worse.

The truth is . . . there are terrible people at every level of any organization. Some are just more terrible than others. And there is no guarantee that the other company that looks good on the outside will not be worse than
where you are now once you start working for them.

Then again, think about the goals you set for yourself when you joined the company. Will you let one person's attitude or the unruly behaviour of a few of your colleagues stop you from achieving those goals?

Here's the truth about having a job.

There is no perfect job. Actually, there are certain jobs that are perfect for those who have them. But those kind of perfect situations are rare.

Second, you will meet all kinds of people in the workplace. Some genuinely want the business to grow while some others are just sycophants.

If you want to succeed in the workplace and become a superstar, you must look beyond the people you work with and focus on your goals.

Sometimes things will be tough for you in the company. At other times, things will go your way. Whatever happens, don't lose sight of your goals. And never let any one individual stop you from getting where you desire (and deserve) to get to.

In the workplace, focus and perseverance is essential ingredients for success. When you add knowledge, skill, and emotional intelligence to your perseverance and focus, nothing will stop you from getting to the top.

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