Upali Seneviratne Bsc Psychology and Counselling with Unilever Factory Experience

Upali Seneviratne Bsc Psychology and Counselling with Unilever Factory Experience

Upali Seneviratne Bsc Psychology and Counselling with Unilever Factory Experience

A M. Upali. Seneviratne
No. 70 , 3 / 3 , PleasureCourt,
Galle Road, Kaldemulla,
Sri Lanka,
Phone : +94 773829872
+94 0112626118

Dear Madam / Sir

Since I?ve decided to post my resume to a job data base in the web, I would be very much pleased to kind of a ?blow my own trumpet? and would state the background of myself for you to understand me better in which , will be enable to consider me for a job in the field of psychology.
Being a father of two children of 14 and 10 , coupled with the twenty two years experience in the Unilever factory , I perceive myself as a person who understand family and work related psychological matters comprehensively due to the BSc degree in psychology and counselling which I earned with a second upper.
During my study course I have been trained to perform both Client centred therapy of Carl Rogers and CBT approaches of counselling . With all that , learning the mental illness categories in ICD 10 also was done and have been my favourites among all the other subjects and expects to learn more about them working under maestros of the subject of psychology.
At present I?m employed as a duty manager at Unilever manufacturing plant in Colombo. I climbed up the career ladder starting from the laboratory , gained two to three years experience in each department undergoing strenuous Unilever training programmes prior to take up duties. Those department s namely are , Quality Assurance department , Warehouse and stores, Royco hoppermix food plant, Toothpaste department, Soap manufacturing department, Edibles Department ( Astra and Flora Margarine ). and promoted as a Duty manager ( general administration in the factory ) three years ago. I have been groomed to perform any task in the factory including processes management , behavioural safety ( Dupont systems ),
The employees of all walks of life in the company where I?m employed, consult me for various matters related to their family , life and job, expecting solace or at least a comforting word. I derive immense pleasure in helping them showing and guiding them towards various options , immersing in the clients world of experience rather than being directive, for them to choose what they prefer.
Counselling workmen to promote safe behaviour and work issues and also assisting personnel department for the recruitment of workmen were the key areas where I made my contribution. Since I am engaged in general administration of workmen as a duty manger my degree in psychology and counselling helps me solving day to day working problems and maintain a good rapport with the workmen and staff.
Even though I have a tenure of twenty two years with Unilever , I felt learning more about brain and human behaviour. Therefore I completed my degree in psychology successfully and it?s time to move forward looking for new vistas.

Yours sincerely ,
Upali Seneviratne


Name : Amarakoon Mudiyanselage Upali Seneviratne

Date of Birth : 1964 - 01 ? 26 Age : 47

Address : No 70 , 3 / 3 , Pleasure court, Galle Rd, Kaldemulla,
Moratuwa , Sri Lanka.

Phone : Mobile : +94 773829872 Land : +94 112626118

Mail : upali.seneviratne96@gmail.com

Nationality : Sinhalese

Religion : Buddhist Marital Status : Married

Profession : Duty Manager, Unilever Sri Lanka, Soap, Margarine,
Toothpaste factory, Service : 20 Years.

Spouses Profession : English Teacher ( B.A Eng Edu)

Children : Son , 12 Yrs , Lyceum International School Colombo.

Daughter , 10 Yrs, Lyceum International School Colombo

Educational Qualifications

GCE O/L : Four Distinctions and Three Credits in 1978

GCE A/L : Passed in Bio Science Stream in 1983 attending to Prince Of
Wales? College Moratuwa , Sri Lanka.

Botany - Credit Pass
Zoology- Simple Pass
Chemistry- Simple Pass

Aquinas Diploma In Agriculture

Got through the two year fulltime diploma in Agriculture with a second class honours , wining the Rev. Father Don Peter Medal for best results in 1986 at Aquinas university college , Colombo Sri Lanka. Offering following subjects

Farm Management
Animal Husbandry
Plant Protection ( pathology)
Agricultural Botany
Agricultural Chemistry
Agricultural Engineering
Agricultural Extension

Aquinas Diploma in Psychology and counselling

Completed the diploma in Psychology and counselling affiliated to University of Galway Ireland in 2008.

Bachelor of Science In Psychology and Counselling

Successfully completed the three and half year degree programme ( seven semesters) At Aquinas university college Approved by Sri Lanka University Grant Commission , with a Second Upper offering following subjects in 2010 September.

Course Title Credit Hours Grade
General Psychology (Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, Carl Jung, Erik Eriksson, Carron Honey, Albert Ellis) 54 A+
Developmental Psychology ? Life Span Development 72 A+
Theories & Practice.
(Person Centred , Cognitive, Behavioural, Existential Perspective, Family and Systems Therapy). 90 A+
Abnormal Psychology ( DSM 4, ICD 10 ) 72 A
Interviewing Skills 42 A
Person Centred counselling & supervision 42 A
Personality Disorders ? Case Study 42 A+
Social Psychology 42 A
Health Psychology 42 A+
Relaxation Therapy 42 A
Counselling Practice 42 A
Transactional Analysis & Self Awareness 42 B-
Family and Systems Therapy 42 A+
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Counselling 42 B+
Psychopathology 42 A
Organizational Behaviour 42 A
Research Methods, Statistics 42 B
Introduction to Psychological Testing 42 A
Psychotherapies, ( Adlarian , Bio Feed back, Gestalt, Reality T.) 42 A+
Psychodynamic Psychology 42 A-
Educational Psychology 42 A
Group Therapy 42 A

Career experience.

Upon completion of the diploma in Agriculture, joined Unilever Prawn Farm in 1988 and worked as a technical Assistant in the Prawn health and Development department and Micro biology department.
Then in 1990, transferred to Unilever main manufacturing plant at Grand Pass , Colombo and up to date climbed the career ladder becoming a Duty Manager in the factory complex consisting of Margarine, Soapary, and a personal product plants with a work force of 600 people. Worked in almost all the departments in the factory namely, Lab, Quality Assurance , Royco Hopper mix, Toilet soaps, Hard Soaps, Edibles ? Margarine and bakery fats , Toothpaste, warehouse, and promoted to a duty manager.
While working at Unilever factory attended the degree programme at Aquinas University College with an intention of learning the human behaviour and brain which will enable to become an industrial psychologist one day.
As a duty manager at present responsible for safety of workmen, investigating and reporting incidents and accidents, Safety Action Meetings ,safety contacts, hazards identification and reporting. Labour roster maintenance for the entire factory. Counseling workmen for safe behaviours and personal issues and also assisting personnel dept. for workmen recruitment. Apart from product plan achievement , engaged in five ?s? , TPM ( total productivity management )
Prior to be promoted as a duty manager two years ago, I worked in the Unilever Edibles department as a junior manager manufacturing milk base products such as Astra , Flora and Bakery fats.

Extra curricular activities,

Played cricket for the Aquinas Agriculture faculty and later for Unilever Sri Lanka B team.
Won the Table tennis Doubles championship in both Aquinas and Unilever Tournaments.


Reading , jogging, watching CNN news, cooking , driving, singing and dancing.

I?m forwarding herewith my application for your perusal. I assure that the information stated in this application is true and accurate to my knowledge. I would be very much grateful to you if you could help me in finding a suitable employment in any country since I need a change in my job and life as a whole , after a long carrier of twenty two years in one organization.

Your?s truly,

Upali Seneviratne 20/02/2011


Rev. Father Dr. Sunil Rupasinghe ( PhD in Psy )
Department head ,
Department of psychology and counselling,
Aquinas university college,
Maradana Rd,
Colombo 8
Sri Lanka.
E mail : aqrector@panlanka.net
Phone +94 773553686

Dr. Ruwan Anton Pathirana, ( PhD in Microbiology)
Consultant in laboratory and quality Assurance ( self employed)
Former Quality Assurance Manager.(Unilever Sri Lanka)
E Mail. : ruwanapathirana@gmail.com
Phone : +94 773187469

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