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The Driver As A Family Friend

I tell people that drivers should be treated specially because they are among the closest employees to their family.

Think about it.

Your driver is the person you leave your wife with. He is the person you entrust your children with to take them to school and back while you are not there. Your driver is the person that will take you to the hospital when you are weak and unable to help yourself.

Wait a minute.

What if your driver decides to disappear with your kids because you are fond of treating him badly? Can you imagine the disastrous consequences of that? Think about the heartbreak that could cause!

Yes, drivers are the people that make your life a lot easier.

You can fall asleep in your car when you are on a long journey out of town, and alone in the thick of the forest with your driver, because you trust your driver. You believe your driver will not harm you and that he will drive you safety to your destination.

But do you know what your driver thinks of you as a boss? Have you ever wondered how your driver rate you?

Ask your driver what he thinks about you. Tell him to be straightforward and honest. And tell him you will love to hear from him what you can do better to make him happier with his job.

You will be amazed what you will hear.

Most drivers are poorly paid and work long tiring hours. Worst still, most bosses do not give a damn about their drivers' welfare.

Do you know what kind of emotions that kind of behaviour can engender in your driver?

Believe me, things can turn really bad.

You need to understand that your driver is among the closest people to your wife, your kids, and your entire family. You don't want to elicit negative feelings in that kind of person because that could result in ill-feelings toward you that could lead to tragedy.

Treat drivers with love, consideration, and compassion. They are humans too!

Demand quality performance from them as you would any other employee. But also pay them like professionals and make their remuneration package something they can be proud of.

The result?

You and your family will be in safe and happy hands. And you will have nothing to worry about.

This driving jobs directory is for employers with driving vacancies that recognize that drivers are humans too.

Treat drivers right!

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